Monday, March 10, 2008

making dolls 101

It's hard for me to make my dolls stand without a doll stand. I've learned a few tricks through books but the tricks don't always work. Since all the dolls I make are soft sculpture, they need a skeleton in order to stand.

First I inserted wire, up through one leg, through the body and down through the other leg. It worked better than nothing but it was a little challenging sewing the leg on the body since a wire was in the way. But, the legs were able to bend every way, even in impossible ways for the humanlike dolls.

Next, I tried inserting a dowel in each leg. The legs don't bend but by leaving an inch of the dowel outside the leg through the heel, each dowel can then be glued into a drilled hole in a piece of 2x4. The challenge is covering the 2x4 so it looks like part of the doll image.

One good thing I learned was that I could make shoes, painted, heeled, decoupaged on the unattached legs (Somehow, I thought of the dolls as real (finished) and the shoes had to go on last). Live and learn.

By keeping the legs spread on a wide base (one of the dolls is a skier, another is a clown with balancing stilts) the dolls stand better.
The best bet, so far, is thinking of other positions (exercise doll is stretching, the clown doll also hangs upside down from her clown feet, a peacenik hippie is sitting.

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